Last screens at the KK

The last of the security screens went in today at the Knick Knackery in Glen Innes and they not only look great they also make us feel much more comfortable at nights with the increase of local idiots roaming the streets  after dark.



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Knick Knackery is very Social

It seems that the Knick Knackery in Glen Innes is the Place to be on the weekends as everyone drops in for a chat and when the Glen Innes Markets are on outside the shop the place is a hive of activity. We are open every weekend so come along anytime and say Read More
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New security

Such is the way of the world these days that stores need to install all kinds of security and we have started to have our security screens installed this week. These screens are not designed to keep people out as but to stop our windows being broken and I have to say I am pretty - Read More

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Knick Knackery Nov 2018

The Knick Knackery in Glen Innes is one of the most unusual store you will come across and it is every changing.


Open Thursday-Sunday every week we are one of the few stores in Glen Innes that opens all weekend giving visitors to our town a look at some very unusual things as well as - Read More

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Highland Gothic

Designed and made in Glen Innes are the most amazing selection of Gothic dolls from reborns to rag and take my word for it they are unusual,slightly weird and oh so gorgeous. The fabric Gothich dolls are designed and created by master artist Andama Dujoin and can be found at  the GLEN INNES MARKETS and - Read More

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Highland made

If it's made in the Highlands you know its unusual and made well.


The GLEN INNES MARKETS offers local Merchants the space to sell their handmade wares at no cost to themselves which is great for the little guy wanting to share their skills, ideas and products with others .


Check out the Glen Innes Markets - Read More

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Saturday 24th Nov 2018

What a great day at the  GLEN INNES MARKETS even with the awful wind that was blowing the entire time the market was open, but it didnt keep the locals or visitors away and how they loved the carts. Meet the MERCHANTS OF GLEN INNES  outside the Knick Knackery as thereRead More
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What you see

There is never a dull moment at the  GLEN INNES MARKETS  as the Merchants of Glen Innes are the creators of the unusual and with Christmas only around the corner where better to shop than the Glen Innes Markets or the Knick Knackery. You have to see to beleive
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Unusual wares

There are some unusual wares for sale at the Glen Innes markets (The Merchants of Glen Innes) and we are lucky enough to have a few doll makers in our area and will be having more of them so call down  Saturday's and meet some of Read More
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The First Market

well the Glen Innes markets are now under way and on every Month you will find the Merchant of Glen Innes  selling their wares.

The Glen Innes Markets  are the most unusual in the Highlands and well worth a visit.


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